In medicine, doctors will see concussions everyday. Now, there is an application for peoples mobile devices which will test the severity of your concussion. This medical technology will tell you how long it will take for your concussion to heal as well as whether or not your concussion needs attention from a true medical professional. Jason Hope tells us about another mobile and online application which has been created in the medical industry is one which has been installed into many assisted living homes in order to keep track of the number of people inside. Once someone leaves the area, than the medical application will send off a signal letting the doctors know someone has left the assisted living facility and is need of help to get back into the facility.

The developers at Microsoft have recently put a medical technology application online which helps people discover the level of their diabetes and how to treat their diabetes as a result. Some diabetes case are much more sever than others and this application will reveal what you need to do in order to lower the chance of your diabetes becoming worse. This medical technology advancement will help millions of people living with diabetes in ways they never thought possible! Mental healthcare applications are also available for technology devices and computers. These mental healthcare applications give advice to patients in need of medical attention for their mental illness through the use of a technological device. You are able to receive real advice from certified doctors without ever having to go to a medical office. The idea of this medical technology is to make this type of healthcare more widely available for the people who do not have access to a hospital close by. There are also many medical technology applications online which help students better familiarize themselves with the subjects they are studying.

Computers Helping Doctors

Not only this, but some of the medical technology applications provide such high quality information, Doctors in the medical industry tend to turn in the direction of this type of medical technology when seeking advice or assistance with a medical problem! Often times, college students studying medical technology will see the books they are using have been transferred online or built into an application. This is usually done by medical technology students who have already taken the course or plan on taking the course in the future and want access to their medical information at anytime. The medical technology students are using is increasing the awareness of certain illnesses which were not known about prior to the application.